I don’t know about you, but this recent beautiful weather has me longing for spring/summer and the outdoor activities they bring. But even on cold days, don’t let winter turn you into a hermit. There are great opportunities to keep moving during winter in the Milwaukee area. Here are just a few:

  1. Play outside: The Milwaukee area has some great parks with sledding hills. So, if you don’t have kids of your own or you’re like me, and they are all grown up, borrow someone else’s and head for the hills.
  2. Urban Ecology Center: Check out the Urban Ecology Center with 3 branches now in Riverside Park, Washington Park, and the Menomonee Valley, they always have some great programs to help you appreciate the outdoors in the winter. They even lend snowshoes, ice skates, sleds and cross country skis.
  3. Take a walk: One of my favorite spots is the Mitchell Park Domes. Take a walk in the park and then take your coat off and get warm while sitting amongst all the beautiful plants. It’s summertime in the winter.
  4. Walk in the mall: If you have some shopping to do, wear your walking shoes and do a few laps around before dipping into your pocket book. Here is a handy link for walking distances in Milwaukee area parks and malls.
  5. Fitness Class: Check out a new fitness class in your area, join a gym or keep an exercise DVD handy at home in case bad weather keeps you in.

Most of all, limit your time in front of your computer or tv and don’t let eating become one of your winter activities. Dress for the weather and you may find that you can enjoy Wisconsin in the winter. Check out what’s in your area, make a plan and get moving. If you need help making a plan, let us know!

Peg Gonzales-Charles is a Physical Therapist with over 27 years of field experience. Peg received her BS in physical therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has advanced training in integrative and functional medicine as well as extensive post-graduate coursework in spine/orthopedic dysfunctions, male and female pelvic health, chronic pain and cancer rehabilitation. She frequently lectures to the physical therapy programs at Carroll College and Marquette University.