These days, more and more people are choosing the convenience of a telehealth appointment for pinkeye. Thanks to modern technology, you can get your symptoms diagnosed and be given a prescription for pinkeye treatment in the comfort of your own home.

What Is Pinkeye?

Pinkeye, also known as conjunctivitis, is a medical condition where the whites of a person’s eyes look pinkish or reddish. It can affect one or both eyes, causing itchiness, discharge, light sensitivity, tearing, and a gritty sensation. These symptoms are the result of inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is a membrane inside the eyelid. It covers the white of the eye. The conjunctiva contains blood vessels, and when these vessels are inflamed, it creates the pink or red appearance. Pinkeye can be caused by bacterial infections, viral infections, or allergic reactions. If certain chemicals or foreign objects come in contact with the eyes, this can also result in pinkeye. Viral and bacterial pinkeye are contagious and are transmissible through contact with eye discharge. Pinkeye usually does not affect vision. If you are experiencing blurred vision or pain, this may be an indicator of corneal inflammation and can lead to further issues. In these cases, it’s vital to seek immediate treatment. To avoid the spread of pinkeye, it’s best to arrange a telehealth appointment as soon as you notice potential symptoms. Contact lens wearers must also remove their lenses and switch to wearing glasses if they notice symptoms.

Why Choose a Telehealth Appointment for Pinkeye?

Telehealth makes pinkeye treatment easy and stress-free. No more long wait times for a doctor’s appointment—just speedy same-day service! With a telehealth appointment, you can get your pinkeye diagnosed without any need to travel to an office or wait in a waiting room. This is especially ideal for patients who don’t have access to transportation or live far away from a doctor’s office.

Diagnosing Pinkeye During a Telehealth Appointment

Healthcare providers can easily diagnose pinkeye over a video call. This involves first asking questions regarding your symptoms. Be as specific as possible with your answers. Your health history will also be discussed, including any history of pinkeye and past pinkeye treatments. Next, the healthcare provider will perform a close examination of your eyes over video. You may be asked to briefly direct a light towards your eyes during this process. The healthcare provider will use the information they have gathered to diagnose the type of pinkeye you are experiencing. They will then prescribe a treatment option.

Potential Treatment Options

If your telehealth doctor recommends prescription medication, prescriptions can be sent to the pharmacy of your choice for easy pickup. OTC options may also be recommended. Depending on the type of pinkeye they have, patients may require treatment in the form of eye drops, allergy medications, antiviral medications, or antibiotics. Cold or warm compresses, application of a wet cloth, or artificial tears may be recommended to address symptoms.

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