Our Providers Come to You

Welcome to the RemedyNow blog!

The name of this blog is Better Already because RemedyNow began not only to cure sickness, but also to cultivate wellness. We chose the word BETTER because whether you are sick or well, everything our team does is centered on helping you feel better than you did before you found us. We chose the word ALREADY because it represents our commitment to convenience – our providers come to you at your home, office or hotel when you need us.

The founders of RemedyNow, both practicing physicians, have seen first hand the power treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. They have also seen how gaps in the current health care system take a significant toll on patient outcomes, and what a difference it makes when providers can take the time to connect with a patient and look at the bigger picture of health. Together these doctors made the decision to turn frustration into the opportunity to help create healthier communities.

In the current health care system, someone can go to the primary care physician for issues related to hypertension and because of the way the system works the provider may never get a chance to ask them about interpersonal relationship stress, lack of sleep, eating and exercise habits or other triggers that are also going on in his or her life. The person usually needs to seek out solutions for each topic separately, and many people don’t take that extra step due to lack of time, or not knowing where to start.

RemedyNow is changing that by offering Urgent Care, Primary Care, Integrative Wellness and Resources for Expecting & New Mothers under one umbrella. We offer these services where and when people want to see a provider. In this model, providers can establish an individual connection with clients versus just seeing the next person in the waiting room line.

To deliver a comprehensive care model, RemedyNow’s proprietary technology platform provides our licensed providers secure access to patient health records. This allows them to make confidentially recommendations to see other RemedyNow providers for complimentary traditional and integrative medicine, or share records with another healthcare provider as requested by the customer.

We are thankful for the early support and positive feedback we have received about RemedyNow and look forward to making a positive impact on the health of our community. We invite you to join the conversation on social media so you can start feeling better!