Have you ever wished you could have a one-stop shop for your medical and wellness services? Have you put off making appointments you want or need because you just don’t have time? Have you had to go to the emergency room and rack up a HUGE bill for stitches on a minor cut? RemedyNow is committed to changing the way you manage your health and wellness because we bring a wide variety of healthcare and wellness providers right to you at your home, hotel or office. Now you can continue doing what you need to do while you wait for your provider in the comfort of your own home, office or hotel. During your appointment, the focus is entirely on YOU and you are free from other sickness and germs of traditional waiting rooms. Plus, you’ll know what to expect in terms of pricing. All prices are listed within the service areas you’re looking for – Urgent Care, Primary Care, Integrative Wellness & Resources for Expecting & New Moms.

Here are our promises to you:

Efficiency: “On Demand” means care on your terms. Our providers come to you in person or virtually, so you can take care of yourself while keeping your other priorities. Customer Focus: Now you have access to coordinated care between traditional and integrative medicine so you have a broad range of options under one umbrella to help you be at your best. Quality: You can expect the highest level of care with providers who have the right mix of credentials, experience and concern for helping you feel better than before they met you. Innovation: Our founders believe the sky is the limit to help you improve your health and wellness by leveraging personal connections + technology to deliver integrative medical care to you, wherever you are. Join the email list to stay up to date on the latest blogs, new services and tips from our providers.