According to the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians Influenza report from March 2, 2017, the incidence of influenza virus has peaked and is starting to decline. However, influenza-like illnesses are increasing. So how do you know? Below is a chart outlining common signs and symptoms of the Flu vs. Upper Respiratory Infection.

Is it the Flu or a Cold?

Flu Cold
Fast: Within hoursOnset of SymptomsSlowly over a few days
YesBody AchesMild Head & Body Aches
Dry CoughCoughYes but a wet cough
SometimesStuffy/Runny NoseYes
SometimesSore throatYes

(Source: WebMD)

Many times you are not sure which one you have. If you have had the symptoms for 3 days or less and think it is the flu call RemedyNow. We can come to your home or office and do a rapid Influenza test to not only confirm the diagnosis but also prescribe a medication that will shorten duration of the symptoms.

What to do when you are sick:

  • Rest: It does not help you to get better if you try to power through your illness. In addition, you don’t want to be spreading your germs to friends and co-workers!
  • Drink plenty of fluids: Especially warm fluids such as teas, soups, and water. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as it can contribute to dehydration.
  • Honey & Lemon: (not for children <1 year old) 1-2 teaspoons of honey mixed with 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice is soothing for the cough and sore throat. Add honey to your tea.
  • Wash your hands! Using soap and water for 20 seconds making sure to clean both sides of your hands, fingers and fingernails. OR use a Hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

What NOT to do when you are sick with a cold or flu:

  • Smoke: Smoking only increases the cough and irritation of your respiratory system.
  • Take an antibiotic: Antibiotics do not treat viruses
  • Skimp on sleep: Your body needs to rest to fight the virus and keep your immune system strong
  • Don’t skip meals: You may not feel like eating. Try eating soups like chicken noodle soup, or broth, or other clear soups or PB & J. You can drink milk, it will not increase the amount of phlegm.

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